Optimize Your Firearm E-Commerce Experience 

Welcome Gun Owners

Hello everyone and welcome. If you have found this site, then chances are you are looking to either buy or sell guns, hunting gear, or firearm accessories over the internet. Welcome to the next stage in commerce.

To satisfy anti-gunners, and to ease your mind, I must tell you that it is very legal, as long as you obey all applicable state and federal laws.

I am not a lawyer, and do not know it all when it comes to either gun law or online commerce law, but I do believe that I can share a good amount of knowledge to people just starting out, or to people who dove in and have hit a stalemate.

Keep checking back here for tips, and reviews (gun and gun sites). I also want to make this interactive. If you feel that you have content that would make a great blog, send it to me through the Contact page and I will review it and add appropriate content (giving total credit to the author).

I do have a bias towards GunsAmerica.com and will be posting a lot of comments that are specific to that site. This is my favorite site because I have always had a fast turnaround, and what I feel is the most viewers of my items. I will try to keep things general that can apply to more than just firearms, and will work on sites such as ebay (the evil anti-gun) and craigslist.

I hope you enjoy!

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."